Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cabo San Lucas Vacation

This February, Andrew and I celebrated our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Andrew's parents very generously gifted us with the vacation--and we had an amazing time!

After a long flight down, we arrived at the beautiful Club Cascadas, a time-share resort with several villas, two pools, a lovely beach front, tennis court, restaurant and cafe.

We stayed for seven nights, and our entire vacation was super low-key (just the way we like it!)  We got into our vacation routine pretty quickly and did the same thing every day!

Every morning, I woke up early (6am!) to reserve our palapa (little built-in umbrella structures made from palm leaves).  We were warned by my in-laws that the palapas went fast, and our fair skin definitely needed some shade from the Mexican sun.  I scooted down to the beach every morning (and saw the sunrise and moonset!) threw my flip-flops on a couple of lounge chairs, and we had a palapa for the day!

After heading back to bed for an hour or so, we would get up and Andrew would make a coffee run. After a little breakfast, it was down to the beach!

We slathered up with sunscreen (Andrew teased me for using SPF100 on my face, but I plan on aging gracefully, thankyouverymuch) and lounged in the sunshine.  It was warm, dry, and very comfortable.  We did a lot of reading (Hunger Games, Steve Jobs, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), napping and people watching.   I maybe did just-a-bit of eavesdropping on a family in nearby palapa.  Andrew was pretty amazed that within a few minutes, I knew who was who, the names of all of the children, and had a pretty good insight into the family dynamics going on. (The uncle was a real pain, let me tell you.) I know this is rude, but it's a dirty habit that I can't break!

After a few hours on the beach, we had a little lunch, usually just a short walk down the beach.  I pretty much insisted on guacamole everyday.

Post-lunch, it was a bit more beach time, and then we hit the courts for our 2 o'clock tennis match!  The Club had a little sign up at the front desk, and I usually reserved an afternoon slot to get a little exercise (after all that guac!) and have a little fun.

I loved playing tennis everyday and wish Andrew and I played more often.  It's a great workout, and  I think a little friendly competition is good for a relationship!

After tennis, it was time for our afternoon dip in the pool, complete with swim-up bar.  Frozen margarita? Yes, please.  We were on vacation, after all.

After our swim, we got showered and dressed and enjoyed some cocktails out on our balcony, along with a game of Gin Rummy.  (Have I mentioned that Club Cascadas has no TV or internet?  It was so nice to spend a week unplugged!)

Once the sun set, it was off to dinner.  Most nights, we enjoyed traditional Mexican cuisine. Our favorite spots: Hacienda, Mi Casa, and Maro's.

One night, we went on a little sunset cruise.  Andrew was happy to be out on the water after our deep-sea fishing trip didn't pan out due to boat troubles.

We were pretty early to bed every night, and then got up to do it all again the next day!  We had the most amazing, relaxing time and can't wait to go back!

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