Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Celebration

Andrew and I will be hosting our very first holiday ever!

While it will just be a small gathering with my parents, Andrew's brother, and a close friend, I'm so excited to host!

I've already started working on a centerpiece, planting some wheat grass over the weekend.  I hope it will be tall and green by April 8th! I've never planted it before, but everyone tells me it's so easy and grows in a snap! (I'm looking at you, Annie.)  On a related note, I'm starting a new science unit on plant adaptations with my fourth graders, so they're all growing their own batch in little milk cartons!

I stopped by Crate and Barrel and picked up some egg holders to create some floral arrangements like these that I spotted on Pinterest.

(from Martha Stewart)

They're so simple and sweet and I think they'll be just perfect placed around the Easter grass.  I still haven't figured out where to get my flowers and am hoping that some florist has some little, pretty blooms.

As for the food, we'll be featuring both some old favorites and some never-tried-before recipes.  The star of the show is my uncle Lee's famous brisket (a Sarah Moulton recipe) that we usually have on Christmas Eve.  I'll also be making this Crispy Potato Roast (another Pinterest find!)- that's super easy to make (make sure you have a sharp knife to slice those potatoes super-thin).

 (image via - recipe from Martha Stewart)
For new recipes, I'm going to make dates stuffed with Mahon cheese and wrapped with bacon (no recipe here- just tasted it as a sample at Whole Foods) and, for a starter, an asparagus and gruyere tarte (from Martha Stewart).  A simple green salad should round things out!

I still haven't nailed down dessert.  Perhaps this lemon curd and pistachio sundae?

 (image and recipe from Martha Stewart)

Or maybe just a simple fruit crisp?  We'll see!



  1. If history's any indicator, I would probably just lick the frosting off of all of them and leave the bare buns for the guests!